Libertarian Party Praises North Korea’s Freedom on Twitter, Quickly Backtracks

The official twitter account of the Libertarian Party (@LPNational) tweeted “it’s sad that we can look to North Korea for an example of more freedom than the United States.”

The tweet linked to a Business Insider article regarding the laws on Marijuana in the communist dictatorial state. They must have not read the actual article because the piece actually undermines the notion that North Korea has laxer marijuana laws than the US.


The tweet stayed up for about a week before the party took it down. They went under immense scrutiny as many felt it was inappropriate to even joke that North Korea is more of a free country than the US.

The New Hampshire wing of the Libertarian party posted the same exact tweet, but shortly apologized after deleting it. They claimed that everything that LP National tweets is automatically retweeted, but a quick look at their timeline shows that is not exactly true.

Great way to help your cause, guys.

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