WITCH HUNT: USC Title IX Office Refuses to Believe Boyfriend Didn’t Harm His Girlfriend

MIND BLOWER: Reports that a boyfriend abused his girlfriend were false. “How can that be?” you may ask. “I thought the man was always guilty, even if the evidence says he isn’t. How is this even possible?” Don’t worry if you don’t understand now because USC’s Title IX office had trouble with this one too. They must have learned absolutely nothing from the false Duke lacrosse rape accusation, the Rolling Stone’s false story of ‘frat rape’ at UVA, Jamies Winston falsely being accused of abuse at FSU, need I go on?

Zoe Katz is a star athlete at the University of Southern California. Not only is she captain of the women’s tennis team, but she is also in a very happy and healthy relationship with fellow student Matt Boermeester. For those who don’t follow closely, Boermeester was the campus-hero who kicked the game winning field goal in the rose bowl against Penn State last fall. The administration at USC received word that Boermeester was abusing Katz – and they were in no rush to let this story get away.

Kerry L. Steigerwalt, the attorney representing Katz, told the Los Angeles Times that the investigation began when a neighbor saw Boermeester and Katz “roughhousing” in the street. The neighbor told his roommate about his or her suspicions who then told the university’s athletic department. USC’s coaching staff forwarded the case over to the Title IX office. The officials at the office then jumped with joy over the thought of making a well-liked male look like a monster in the public spotlight.

When Zoe told the administration that her boyfriend did no wrong, they insisted she was either lying or “afraid of Matt.” “When I told the truth about Matt, in repeated interrogations, I was stereotyped and was told I must be a ‘battered’ woman, and that made me feel demeaned and absurdly profiled,” Katz said. “I understand that domestic violence is a terrible problem, but in no way does that apply to Matt and me.”

Zoe Katz and Matt Boermeester (Zoe Katz/Instagram)
She tried to hammer down the point by saying “I have never been abused, assaulted or otherwise mistreated by Matt,” Katz’s statement said, according to The College Fix. “He is an incredible person, and I am and have been 100% behind him. Nothing happened that warranted an investigation, much less the unfair, biased and drawn out process that we have been forced to endure quietly.”

Not only did they not believe her, they threatened the couple as well. She was told that if she contacted Matt, “things would not go well for him.” “I was also told that I could be charged and investigated if I spoke to anyone who they decided to call in as possible ‘witnesses’” said Zoe.

The feminist social justice warriors who work at the office meant to enforce women’s rights have refused to let this go. Boermeester was suspended from USC, then banned from visiting the campus or from meeting withthe school’s athletic trainers or teammates. The school also prohibited Boermeester from contacting Katz.

Having most likely never been (nor ever will be) in a serious relationship because of their irrational hatred of men, the Title IX office did not let up. A USC spokesman told the Los Angeles Times that “the university has concluded its investigation” and that Boermeester is no longer enrolled at USC.

A follow-up statement from the school said, “USC stands by its investigation and the accounts provided by multiple witnesses. As previously stated, student disciplinary records are confidential. If the students involved waive their confidentiality rights, the university will offer a detailed response.”

Stories like this only further prove the point that the “feminist equality” movement has absolutely nothing to do with equality.

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