LUNACY: Purdue University Hands Out “Privilege Score Cards” to Its Students

Yes, you read the headline correctly – and no, this is not The Onion.

Remember that famous ‘check your privilege’ line that college-aged feminists would screech from their over-pierced lips when something didn’t go their way? Well, Purdue seams to have taken their cry for attention a little too literally. According to Mike Allison at Turning Point News[link] the university is handing out a scorecard that records your ‘privilege points.’ This ridiculous survey awards or reduces points based on eleven categories including, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender ‘status’, and whatever other buzzwords Michelle Obama threw out for eight years. Because, you know, the average person should be put to shame for not feeling like they are a man trapped in a woman’s body. Check out the absurdity in the picture below.


Some of the worst offenses are being white, a male, straight, Jewish (what?), able-bodied, and a banker. Basically, if you are what is considered normal by 99% of the human population – you need to check your damn privilege. Trans people are deducted 500 privilege points while genderqueers only 100. Talk about discrimination.

The best part about this is that pointing out and awarding/criticizing someone’s race is the dictionary definition of racism. In fact, this is one of the more racist things I’ve seen. I know where I won’t be sending my kid to college. 

Oh, and as Saul Teeter of the Daily Wire (link) points out, Purdue is a Publicly funded university.

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